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As far back as I remember, I’ve always struggled with my weight.  Genetics and growth spurts would help me at times, but by the time I got out of college, my level of unhealthy was at an all-time high.   After college, I decided I’d start running to get in shape.  I signed up for a 5k and began training.  You can imagine what happened.  I went strong for the first few weeks, but then fell off the so-called wagon.  The 5k crept up on me, and while I did complete it - I certainly hadn’t trained well for it.  Forget about nutrition or healthy fuel.  That didn’t even cross my mind until I was in my 30s.  From that first 5k until after I had my second child, I yo-yo’d up and down and tried just about everything to become a healthier version of myself.  I’d get “reserious” over and over and over again.  I’d never make it all the way.  I’d break the promise I made to myself time and time again. 

When did things finally click for me?   I was reading the book, “Girl Wash Your Face,” by Rachel Hollis when she explained something that totally blew my mind.  It changed the game for me.  She said, if I made plans with my girlfriends for Thursday night dinner, I would NOT break that commitment.  I’d keep that promise and meet them for dinner.  We NEVER break promises to others, but we are SO QUICK to break the promises we make to ourselves. My mouth DROPPED.  It was such a lightbulb moment to me about accountability.  WHY NOT?  Right there, I decided that I was not breaking any more promises to myself. 

Fast forward a few years, I’ve finally settled into a routine of healthy habits that I’m proud of.  I have a plan that I stick to, and truly it just feels like a normal way of life now. My workouts don’t feel like a “task” anymore.  It’s a habit.  It’s my way of life.  It’s my means to sanity and stress relief with two kids and a full time job.  My eating habits are no longer fad diets or crazy short term instant gratification gimmicks.  I eat to fuel my body because I want to keep this body forever.  I want this body to be strong and resilient from the inside out. 

What was the difference for me this time?  Accountability.  I decided to finally hold myself accountable.  No more promises broken to myself.  Now it’s time for me to pay it forward to you.   With my accountability coaching, you will have a girlfriend, confidant, cheerleader, coach, and leader to hold you to your promises.  I will help you NOT break that promise to yourself.  I will push you when you need to be pushed, and I’ll be there to listen when you need a friend.  Tough love mixed with compassion and motivation.  The perfect recipe.  Let’s get started.

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