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3 Habits That Can Change Your Life

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

You should know that I'm not into 'get rich quick' or 'get skinny quick' schemes. They are just that...schemes. Any kind of results you're going to get when it comes to your health and fitness journey, they are not going to be overnight. No magic pill, magic diet, or magic fast track to help you lose weight and get in shape (for the long term). I practice and coach a balanced and consistent approach to getting in shape.

Have you heard of the paper towel analogy? Think of your weight loss/health transformation/fitness journey, whatever you'd like to call it, like a giant paper towel roll. Every day that you put in the work (workout, eat right, get good sleep, drink all the water, etc), it's like tearing off one single sheet from the roll. After you tear off that single sheet, can you tell that the paper towel roll is smaller? Can you see that it's shrunk yet? Nope. What about after you tear off three single sheets? Nope. Not yet. What about after 7 sheets? Probably not. What happens if you consistently keep tearing off a single sheet a a time. One day of hard work at a time. One sheet a a time. After X amount of days (sheets) you look down and notice, "OMG THE ROLL IS SMALLER!!" That, my friend, is how I am going to help you transform your life - starting with your health and fitness routines.

When women come to me for 1:1 coaching, we start with three habits. Three simple habits for them to implement daily. You can learn more about those habits here.

My job is to hold them accountable to those habits. Every single day.

Slow. Steady. Consistent. Thoughtful. Balanced. These are the pillars that I teach women in my 1:1 coaching program.

Now, let's get back to these 3 habits that can change your life. I know they can change your life because they've changed mine. For the better. Before we talk about those habits, let me share with you where I was vs. where I am today.

After college, I was the most unhealthy version of myself. I hated the way I looked (and felt) and decided I needed loose weight. I tried every single yo-yo diet under the sun to "get skinny quick" and let me tell you they all suck. Even when I lost weight before I got married in 2011 (which I promptly gained back after the wedding), I was STILL super unhealthy. I had zero muscle mass and a horrible relationship with food and alcohol. I restricted foods. Binged on the weekends. Drank like a frat guy on a football Saturday every night. I was so unhappy with myself. This up and down repeated itself into my late twenties and early thirties. After I had my second child in 2017, I knew something had to change.

I was reading the book, "Girl, Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis when I had a total lightbulb moment. Why did I keep my word to everyone else but break promises to myself daily? If I said I wasn't going to eat fast food for 30 days, why did I break that promise to myself? I wouldn't dream of breaking a promise I'd made to my boss or best friend? What gives?

From that day on, something in me changed. My mindset changed. My drive and motivation changed. I wasn't working out to get skinny. I was moving my body to get stronger. I was exercising to feel good. I didn't eat foods because they fit into my diet. I fueled my body well so that I had energy to be the wife and mom I wanted to be. Today, my mission is to help other women come to the same realization. My mission is to help other women change their lives...starting with their health journey. To hold women like you accountable to your promises. Starting with these three habits.

  1. Move your body every single day.

  2. Drink 1/2 your body weight in oz of water.

  3. Intermittent Fasting (ex - picking a window of time during the day that I will fuel my body with nourishing foods)

That's it. It's that simple. I coach women how to adopt these three habits daily while shifting their mindset to one of consistency, growth, and progress vs. perfection.

In this free guide, I outline in much more detail these three habits and how they can help change your life. I know they can change your life because they've changed mine. What are you waiting for, girl?

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You can also check out my podcast, The Fit Life with Jessica Podcast, if you prefer to take in advice and tips while you're driving or folding clothes. Come hang with me!

Until next time....

Keep Learning.

Keep Growing.

Keep Serving.

(and keep pedaling!)


Jessica, Founder

The Fit Life with Jessica LLC

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